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Best Ways to Get Rid of Fleas on Your Pet.

Fleas can be a cause of stress to your pet because of the itchy bites. Apart from that, they can cause dermatitis in pets through their saliva. When pets constantly scratch their bodies because of the itchy flea bites, they end up losing their hair or injuring their skin. A lot of fleas on young pets such as puppies and kitten can suck a lot of their blood hence causing anemia. The tape worms inside the fleas cab be passed to your animals if they swallow fleas.

The best way to know when your pet has fleas is observing its behaviors. It is typical for cats infested with fleas to be restless and do more scratching on some parts of their body. The cats will also have a tendency of shaking their heads or scratching their years regularly. Cats regularly lick their hair coat but too much licking can be another sign of potential fleas. A flea comb would work well in confirming whether the pets has flea when run through their hair pulling out fleas hiding under the haircoat.

The climate in which you live determines the time and resources you need to fight fleas. During winters, pets and animals are less disturbed by fleas. Very cold temperatures can either kill the fleas or make them dormant for that period until warm weather returns. The pets in warmer climates will always find themselves battling fleas for the whole year. Pet owners should not stop flea treatment during the cold season because fleas escape the cold weather outside and get refuge in your warm house and pets.

You can choose from a range of flea control products ranging from pills,collars,shampoos and spot on treatments. Spot on treatments are liquids that are applied on to dogs and cats skins at the back or on the pet’s shoulder blades. The “spot-ons” can be a collar product such as PetAction flea medicine for cats. When the guidelines on dosage are used well,spot-on flea treatments prove to be more effective in fighting fleas and pose no harmful side effects to pets. Dogs spot-on treatments can be differentiated from those ment for cats by proper reading og the product’s label.

The new products coming out are making it difficult for consumers to choose the best flea control method. Safety is another issue that pet owners are considering because kids regularly come into contact with pets thus exposing them to the chemicals used to control flea in the pets. After touching pets, children can put the hands in the mouth thus ingesting the chemicals or the chemicals can get absorbed into their bodies through the skin. You can get advice on the best and most safe product from your veterinarian.

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