Fitness Tips for The Average Joe

A Beginner’s Guide to Diet and Fitness Using the South Beach Diet

When you pay close attention to your carbs, fats and proteins (referred to as macronutrients), and check your calories intake, you will surely and certainly get to lose weight and keep it off completely. As a matter of fact, this is the secret to cutting fat and building muscle to help get that ripped body you have always envisioned. Whatever you have read out there of the 80-20% rule of weight loss and fitness holds true; where 80% of your success rate in health and fitness will be determined by your diet, and the remainder 20% by your workout effort.

Therefore, it should be your endeavor to incorporate a diet plan that is transformative and easy to follow. This way, you get to create an atmosphere where your body burns as much calories as possible, so you end up losing fat. A good diet and fitness plan for men therefore is one where the body utilizes fat for energy while maintaining a good amount of protein to help you build muscle. Because you are likely to add some high-intensity exercises on your health and fitness journey, ensure your diet also contains some carbs for energy.

There are some common diets and fitness approaches that advocate for eating six meals spread out during the day and fasting the whole night so as to achieve results. It certainly can work for you, but you need to look at the practicality of its use considering a modern guy’s day is characterized by crazy work and family schedules and responsibilities. You can easily fall off the health and fitness band wagon if you follow such an inflexible plan that seems like its piling too much pressure on you. Your metabolic rate will be determined by what you eat consistently and in controlled portions and not how often you eat anything that comes your way. This justifies the huge popularity of diet plans, such as the Nutrisystem for men and the popular Jessica Decker South Beach diet.

If you are anything like Jessica Decker, then balancing a busy life and a crazy diet plan can be your remedy for failure when it comes to fitness for men. Ideally, you should take a diet plan that ensures your life does not revolve around making diet plans but that it revolves around actualizing already prepared meal plans. If you are one of those people who will always look for an excuse not to lose weight, look no further beyond these custom-made diet plans delivered right to your doorstep. When you want to lose weight and actually keep it off at this time and age that is characterized by crazy schedules, you need guided plans prepared for you.

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